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Agnes Thurnauer

Like one of her models, Thurnauer is a contortionist. She plays with words, paint, her personal history, oscillating between the poetic quality of Filliou’s work and a Manet-like joy of painting. The former is often quoted in her paintings, like the face of the barmaid of Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (Un Bar aux Folies-Bergères) appearing in a rear-view mirror. Her work can be seen as an « Art of Quotation », referring to various artists, from Tintoretto to Warhol or Duchamp in a personal way.

Harry Bellet, Paris, mai 2010.


Recent Exhibitions

///   Golden Factory, octobre 2010
      Immanence, Paris


Expositions récentes

///       "Elles: Pompidou. Women take over. Women artists from the centre pompidou Paris, SAM, Seattle Art Museum, USA

          "Plaisirs de France, de la Reniassance à nos jours", Baku, Azerbidjan et Almaty, Kazatsan

  •           "La plasticité du langage, entre les langues" Fondation Hypocrène, Paris

  •           "The Hidden Mother", L'avenir dure longtemps, atelier Rouart, Paris

  •           "revue Monstre" Galerie Deroussan, Paris

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Agnes Thurnauer




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