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Jean-Christian Bourcart

What are we looking at? An object, looking like a classic still-life painting or a Caravaggio-like chiaroscuro. It is in fact a tissue, collected from a psychoanalyst’s wastepaper bin.  In front of Bourcart’s pictures, we are like the poet trying to find shapes in clouds : figures, faces, bodies, objects, stories suddenly emerge from our interpretations, raise from our imaginations.

From concept, to word and image, Jean-Christian Bourcart simultaneously becomes a writer, a scriptwriter, an analyst, a voyeur and an artist.



Expo 2012

/// Shanghai Gallery of Art, China
   Galerie Le Manège, Institut français, Dakar, Sénégal
   Caochangdi PhotoSpring, Beijing, China
   Le bleu du ciel Art Center, Lyon, France
   Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg


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Jean-Christian Bourcart




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