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Sans titre, 1

Sans titre, 1

Agnès Thurnauer,


Acrylic on paper,

monted on cavas

29 cm X 39,5 cm

original work,

not framed



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(…) How can one be a painter today? According to Agnes Thurnauer, the answer lies in reinventing the art of painting, at the crossroads of different external forces. Painting exists, not by itself, but as the mapping of ever-changing mental states. In the artist's hands, painting is used as a meeting ground, where the different languages used in the arts, politics, popular culture and science are invited to interact. A scene caught on the streets, a newspaper article, a fragment taken from the work of another artist can be put together to create a whole new work, whose apparent heterogeneity demands that the audience draw connexions between its different elements. Thus, painting evokes the redefinition stated by Roland Barthes in his important essay The Death of the Author : painting is a 'a multi-dimensional space in which a variety of writings, none of them original, blend and clash. The text is a tissue of quotations drawn from the innumerable centers of culture.' Thurnauer's previous works show collage elements, assembled into a literal collision between the world space and the art space, although she has recently dedicated herself more exclusively to painting. However, the very essence of her work remains in the process of interlocking. Images and texts are juxtaposed or overlaid in a manner that reflects the motion of thought, as if it were reminding us that our notions of static space-time and linear time cannot be applied to our post-Einstein world. (…) Thurnauer breathes new life into painting, by dedicating it to the special nature of our modern conscience. In her hands, painting still provides us with a world, but it is a world where the observer, the observed thing and the space in which they operate cannot be separated without losing its meaning.


 Eleanor Heartney, Comment être peintre aujourd’hui ? 2006

editor at Artpress and Art in America,

wrote numerous books on contemporary art.

[1] Roland Barthes,

«The Death of the Author», in Bruissement de la langue,

Paris, Seuil, 1984.





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